What are the common misconceptions about personal therapy?

When you have got yourself enrolled for the personal therapy, a therapist would call you for sessions that you would attend, answer some of their questions, speak your heart out and listen to the ideas that they have for your well-being. For someone, who is already taking the concept of therapy to be something abnormal, it is very natural to fear it. the best way is to educate yourself more about this therapy thing so that all your misconceptions are gone and you are ready to take your sessions with full zest. The experienced and good-natured therapists like those at Christian Counselling, are going to give you some memorable sessions that would knock the fun back to your life. But first, clear off all your misconceptions about the therapy by continuing down the post.

  • If I have to go through therapy or a counseling session, it means that there is something wrong with me and I am unlike all the other people. This is something to be ashamed of and I might not tell anyone that I am seeing a therapist.
  • The fear that I have to deal with my problem myself and no one would be able to understand my situation. Or the thought that no one deserves to hear me because I am so miserable and they might make fun of me and my problems.
  • Many people think that the therapist would send them to the hospital and they might get admitted there for a long time. such thoughts can even lead you to suicide so it is better not to overthink them.
  • The therapist might put me on medication and I would further get addicted to the pills and it would not be possible for me to get rid of those pills ever. I would get the side effects of the pills and would suffer more.
  • Another fear is the rejection from the people. if I would go to the therapist, people would think low of me and treat me as a mental patient and they might think I am harmful to them, so it is better to leave the idea of therapy and counseling.
  • I need not waste my money on the therapy, it is just a buzz, I can take care of myself better than therapy.

These and several other misconceptions stop people from going to the trained specialists and counselors.