The anti-sleep pill

The anti-sleep pill is said to be able to stay up all night and increase memory and concentration in some patients with sleep. Across the Atlantic, executives and students would already divert her from her use. A “whiplash” investigation is needed.

Anti-sleep pill, the secret defense pill

Because the file was classified “defense secret” by the army, which tested this product, the waklert received inheritance a sulphurous reputation. It is easily available on market especially on

This 90’s drug is the first representative of a new class of “awake” agents. What is its mode of action and its real effects on the body? “This molecule has a direct influence on sleep neurons, by increasing their inhibition by noradrenaline, one of the neurotransmitters of wakefulness,” explains Pierre-Herve Luppi, researcher at CNRS .

Waklert is therefore an anti-sleep molecule, without the inconvenience of other psychostimulants such as amphetamines or cocaine, which “overstimulate” abnormal wakefulness and induce, among other side effects, an addiction.
Here is the full video about modafinil:

The official indications of the anti-sleep pill

Waklert is marketed in around 20 countries by the American laboratory Cephalon. In the United States, its three official indications are narcolepsy (when the patient falls into deep sleep instantly, at any time of the day), sleepiness associated with sleep apnea syndrome (repeated micro-awakenings of at night, hypovigilance during the day) and night work or shift work (irregular schedules cause fatigue, memory problems and concentration).

Last January, across the Atlantic, the waklert had to see its indications extended to the child with attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity.
However, according to recurrent articles published in the press, its use would be diverted and expanded for its stimulating effect without addiction. There, it would be prescribed on the phone and, of course, sold on the Internet.

The anti-sleep pill in France

At home, this product is distributed under the Modifnil brandAs explained Sylvie Royant-Parola, psychiatrist and specialist sleep disorders, “its use is very locked. It is initially prescribed either by a neurologist or a specialist in sleep disorders, on a special prescription of “exceptional drugs”.

The prescription can be renewed by a general practitioner, but it requires, after one year, a new consultation with the specialist. Any doctor can however recommend it under his responsibility, but then the product will not be reimbursed by the Social Security. “The indications of modalert are the same in France than in the United States, the shift work less.

“This drug is useful and effective for sleeping sickness, but beware of the miraculous expectations,” says Dr. Royant-Parola. It has no euphoric effect. Then we can take the whole box, we will not spend a sleepless night with perfect cognitive functions. Moreover, the military ended up abandoning it: they now prefer caffeine with a delayed effect. And Modiodal does not work for everyone. ”

The risks of the anti-sleep pill

Waklert has a very good tolerance, however, it can irritate – like coffee taken in high doses -, cause insomnia, nausea or stomach upset. Above all, it has little effect on those who do not need it. And only interested in people with awakening disorders.
If you are tired, rush and take, you will feel nothing more than after a tight coffee. There is still no scientific data to know what would be the consequences of prolonged use of this product on a healthy person who would consume it as a stimulant.

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