6 Signs That Someone You Love May Be Struggling With an Addiction 

If you have a friend or a family member who is struggling and experiencing a high level of stress, there may be more of a problem than you think. Abuse rates for prescription drugs and other substances are increasing, and some people silently suffer from addiction. Drug addiction is not something to ignore. There are ways you can provide support and assistance. You can help your loved one by watching out for these six signs that he or she may be battling an addiction.

1. Change in Habits

The first big sign that someone may be addicted to drugs is a change in their habits. If your friend was always consistently going to the gym with friends and suddenly stops showing up, that may be something to look into. Or, if you find out your loved one is having trouble getting to work on time, something may be wrong. Watch out for other warning signs that signal a difference in the routine.

2. Difference in Appearance

People who are addicted to drugs often experience a sudden change in appearance. Drugs like cocaine change the way the body metabolizes, which translates to quick weight loss. Some people struggling with an opioid addiction stop taking care of their personal grooming and may not shower regularly or brush their teeth. If you notice a dramatic new look, it may be time to have a heart to heart talk with your friend or family member.

3. Mood Swings

Mood swings are also very common in drug addiction scenarios. The constant cycle of getting high and experiencing euphoria and then crashing down and experiencing depression can be exhausting. Someone struggling with addiction may appear manic and unnaturally upbeat at times when they’re using their drug of choice. During the withdrawal or down periods, they may be more irritable or emotional.

4. Problems With Money

Drug addicts may also have problems with money. If your friend or family member suddenly seems to be having trouble paying bills, that may be a red flag. Additionally, you may notice a drug addict getting evicted, a car repossessed, or experiencing other financial disasters. Drug addicts sometimes turn to their family members or friends for loans and may have trouble paying them back.

5. Withdrawal From Social Situations

If someone is going through a problem with drugs, you may also notice a period of withdrawal from social situations. Drug addicts tend to hide their problems from those who care about them. One way to help someone get relief from drug addiction and get back on track is to seek help from a professional rehab facility, such as Utah Addiction Center.

6. Carelessness or Inattentiveness

A final sign of potential drug addiction is when you notice your loved one being inattentive or careless with important things. Car accidents may be more prevalent with someone who is going through substance abuse. Drug abusers may be less aware of their surroundings and seem to be not paying attention.

If you notice your friend or family member displaying some of these signs of drug addiction, there may be a problem. It’s important to support your loved one during this difficult time and to not ignore the warning signs.



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