What is a Frequency Generator?
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What’s a Frequency Generator?

Many individuals who hear the time period “frequency generator” don’t know what it means. There are others who swear by way of a frequency generator to enhance their well being and nonetheless others who’ve some understanding of the truth that a frequency generator might have a medical use however who merely should not positive what that use is. Irrespective of which class you fall into, understanding the historical past of frequency mills will assist you to to higher perceive why these mills have the affect they do in your physique. The Rife Frequency Generator

A scientist named Raymond Royal Rife was the person who first created a frequency generator that might be used to deal with and generally even treatment illness. By means of his work, Rife discovered that totally different folks and organisms all had their very own electromagnetic frequency. In different phrases, your physique provides off a bio frequency that’s distinctive to you. Likewise, micro organism and viruses even have their very own bio frequencies or patterns of oscillation. Constructing upon this analysis, Rife discovered that viruses and micro organism have been delicate to publicity to their very own frequencies By overloading these undesirable organisms with their very own frequency delivered at a really intense degree, the micro organism and viruses might primarily be destroyed by being “exploded.” To check his idea and explode the tiny organisms, Rife wanted some approach to expose the micro organism to their frequency at an intense degree. He did this by making a machine referred to as that generated a frequency beam or frequency ray. As he examined and used his machine and uncovered organisms to totally different frequencies, Rife found that he might additionally affect and alter micro organism by altering the physique surroundings. As an illustration, Rife was capable of change micro organism right into a virus that prompted most cancers and he was additionally capable of eradicate the most cancers by altering the surroundings of the physique. Rife has been acknowledged by quite a few publications focusing on different medication for his contributions and was awarded the Different Nobel Prize. Though by no means adopted by the mainstream medical discipline, the theories behind Rife’s work are nonetheless embraced by many right this moment. Those that consider within the healing energy of electromagnetic frequencies that Rife developed might put money into a frequency generator to be able to acquire the well being advantages of focused resonance frequencies. Buying a Frequency Generator

In the present day, expertise has superior and modern-day Rife frequency mills are totally different in some ways than the unique unit provided by Rife. Nonetheless, these new mills present many well being advantages, particularly should you store sensible and select the suitable generator. To search out the most effective frequency generator, you will need to search for a unit that makes use of RF frequencies, simply as Rife did. Ray tubes are one other prerequisite for a very good frequency machine, and hand-held tubes are the most suitable choice for simply finishing the circuit and sending the present flowing by means of your physique. Different fascinating options might embody foot electrodes in addition to hand electrodes, and gating. By educating your self, understanding how and why frequency mills work and shopping for a high quality unit, you can also make use of a time-tested and confirmed technique of bettering your well being and combating illness.