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Aging in Place: Factors to Consider

Studies have consistently shown that aging at home is the best way for a senior citizen to thrive. It’s the place where elderly adults would rather reside as this comfort and familiarity can have a significant positive impact on their health and well-being.

As the place where an elderly adult resides can be so beneficial, there are some very important factors to consider when you make the decision for finding compassionate senior care in Clearwarer, FL. It’s best to not ignore the consequence of these factors and how they can play a role in the successful aging of any senior citizen.

Close Proximity to Loved Ones

You simply cannot overlook how important this is factor is in the aging process. Elderly adults who feel isolated from friends and family can develop a myriad of health problems stemming from emotional distress. Depression and lack of interest in the things they enjoy play a large role in the well-being of any senior.

The little things begin to suffer, an elderly adult can start to lose their appetite opening the door for an increase in health risks due to poor nourishment and malnutrition. Severe cases have shown that elderly individuals simply stop putting any effort into their personal hygiene. They will continue to suffer in silence, alone, and lose any interest in being part of a social circle.

This is common in senior citizens who are moved into assisted living facilities. They are surrounded by strangers they do not know and many of these communities and institutions restrict the freedoms of their residents. Visiting hours are limited and these policies govern when and how often a senior can spend time with a loved one who comes to visit the facility.

Cost Consideration


When a senior citizen is allowed to age in place, the financial burden of such a decision is alleviated in large part due to the fact that assisted living facilities and elderly living communities can be quite expensive. There are a wide range of costs that come with moving an elderly adult into a nursing home or assisted living environment. Nursing care, room and board, transportation costs, all of these should be factored in and they can become quite expensive as they add from month to month, year to year.

What about the residence where your senior currently lives? If they are no longer occupying that property you may be forced to sell it after the senior has been moved out. This may seem like an easy step in the process but it could require you to spend more money in order to put it up for sale.

If the senior has lived in that home for three or four decades there may be considerable renovations required before the house is in any shape to be listed or sold. Those renovations could cost a pretty penny and, depending which renovations have been made, there is no guarantee of seeing a return on that investment.

When the senior is able to age in place, there is no need to sell the home and no need to pay high assisted facility costs.