Can CBD Oil be used for MIGRAINES?

CBD is still struggling to find its feet in the rapidly changing field of medical cannabis. Clinical trials are underway to confirm and validate the findings of clinical trials. CBD is a powerful treatment option for a variety of chronic conditions. CBD’s potential effect on migraines is one of the areas being investigated. Is CBD oil safe for migraines?

This debilitating condition affects more than 36 million Americans. Many suffer from chronic migraines that can cause severe pain, often in short-term episodes. Chronic migraine sufferers must deal with severe headaches. Migraine sufferers may lose their energy, ability to enjoy life, and the ability to spend time with loved ones.

Migraines aren’t something that can be treated. Patients must instead practice pain management. This often involves taking over-the-counter medications like paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Although this may help with symptoms, there are limitations to how much medication can be safely administered at one time.

Researchers began to look for pain relief options after realizing the limitations of current medications. Researchers have begun to explore the possible relief properties of CBD. This is what this guide will focus on. Is CBD oil safe for migraines? We are here to help you clarify that question today.


Cannabis researchers continue to work hard despite limited funding and steep climbs. It is never ending in our quest to cure migraines and other neuropathies.

A 2016 study examines how cannabis might reduce migraines. Because the study covered cannabis in general, it did not specifically focus on CBD as the primary compound. An 2017 clinical review concluded that there was sufficient anecdotal evidence for a better-quality clinical trial.

A separate review in 2018 highlighted how cannabis was a promising new weapon against chronic pain. This includes migraines and chronic pain. These results were reflected in a 2020 study. CBD may be able to relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation and improve sleep.

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