A Treatment Plan At P-shot Dallas And A Brief History Of the P-shot method

Male fertility and erection problems are very common nowadays. Most of the men now consult doctors for the treatment even south Asian people which refrained from getting a remedy due to embarrassment.

Many clinics have been built for providing medical services like P shot for the treatment of this problem.

However, some of these clinics are not well equipped and their staff is not trained up to the mark.

This leads to mishandling of the patient and patients do not get the desired results which causes decline in people’s trust in the P shot method which is a very delivery treatment method in most cases.

P-shot Dallas excels in providing the best treatment and patient care. These medical problems require immense care and a well-equipped and experienced staff which is available here. These diseases deserve attention like other body disorders for better and effective results.

No medication plan

Other methods of curing these sex-related problems can cause a lot of problems for the patient.

These include a huge basket of medicines to take every day. Now every medicine poses some side effects to its consumer. More medicines can have higher side effects.

Doctors suggest medicines to take along with other drugs for lowering the side effects of the other drugs. This causes the number of daily medicines to increase with time.

It can have financial effects on the patient. A larger number of medicines is more susceptible to being forgotten easily. This renders the medication plan either completely ineffective or its benefits drop to negligible levels.

A treatment plan at P–shot Dallas is very affordable, favorable, and advisable for the patient which does not cause the above-mentioned daily life problems.

Combat Aging Effects And Better Than A Surgery

A p-shot is definitely a better and more popular option than surgery among patients.

Surgery has a recovery time during which you can’t have intercourse. Surgery is at a higher risk of having complications.

Surgery is a way more costly procedure than a p shot. Surgery is also a very lengthy process while p-shot will only take a fraction of the time of one visit to the hospital.

Aging can have adverse effects on your sex stamina and libido. P shot can help you regain it by just following a simple procedure.


The PRP method of treatment is not new.

It had a number of uses in the medical field apart from the p-shot treatment.

It had applications in treating sports injuries and curing wounds got during drill and combat for soldiers.

It was widely used in surgeries in the 1980s due to its wound healing and tissue regenerative properties.

It was first used in open-heart surgery in Italy in the year 1987.

Following its better and quick medical effects, it has been used in various fields, like dermatology, gynecology, urology, and ophthalmology.

Information Source: Dallas Anti-aging and Wellness Center