Is vaping while pregnant safe?

We have long been aware that smoking during pregnancy is not safe for the baby. It increases the risk of health problems, including low birth weight, birth defects and preterm birth. Not only that, but smoking during and after pregnancy can also increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Quitting cigarettes isn’t easy, however, it is more possible than ever with help from nicotine replacement therapy and nicotine free vape.

Can I use a nicotine-free vape during pregnancy?

Ideally, during pregnancy, you will avoid smoking and vaping altogether. However, if you are very dependant on cigarettes you might find this tough.  Studies have found that vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco, so moving to the e-cigs may be the safer option of the two.

If you do decide to vape during pregnancy then you might want to look at a zero nicotine e liquid. Nicotine may increase the risk of SIDS, whether it comes from a cigarette, patch or vape device. Nicotine also narrows blood vessels. This means that there will be less oxygen and nutrients able to reach your baby through the placenta.

When you use a nicotine free vape you will still be able to keep up the act of smoking and the habit, without the added nicotine risks. However, this doesn’t mean it is 100% safe for your baby, studies have never been done. You might only use vaping 0mg vape juice temporarily as a means to quit smoking.

If you were a heavy smoker before pregnancy then you might decide to gradually reduce your dependence on nicotine. You can do this by moving from 12mg to 6mg onto 3mg then finally a zero nic eliquid. Or you may just go straight into a nicotine free vape juice to reduce the risk of nicotines impact on your unborn baby.

Are there some nice nicotine free vape juices?

Many vape juices come in both nicotine and nicotine free. You will often find the option to select the nicotine content you are after. If you have a big cloud kit or sub-ohm vape device then you will have lots of high VG 0mg juices in larger bottles. If you have a smaller device suited for high PG then you will still find a great selection of nic free vape flavours.

If you can’t find a flavour that you like in the nicotine content that you need, then you could always shake and vape liquid. You can mix your own flavours along with PG and VG ratios to create bespoke juices that are nicotine free.

While the safest thing to do is to quit smoking and vaping altogether, it isn’t always an easy feat. If you are really struggling then vaping 0mg nicotine could be a good transition to quitting.