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Effectiveness of Testosterone Therapy for Men

For many men, deciding whether or not they need testosterone therapy can be very difficult. If you are one of them, it is important to understand just how the body works. For one thing, testosterone itself does not lie within the muscle cells of the body but rather is located more within the brain than anywhere else.

This means that there are many different areas in the body that contain testosterone, and only a handful actually contain DHT. For this reason, when men throughout the discover that they are experiencing symptoms related to enlarged testicles, the hormones which are created in the brain will not only be hard for them to fight off, but they will also be experiencing the symptoms of testosterone deficiency far more intensely than any man would otherwise.

In addition to needing testosterone therapy near me if I am experiencing symptoms, the same is true of any man who wants to increase his sperm count. Testosterone is the primary hormone that will be responsible for making sperm capable of living and moving quickly through the body.

Sperm can survive in the environment for up to a couple of days without oxygen and can even live up to a week without the presence of any sperm at all. Because of this, when a man is experiencing a reduction in the amount of time he has between orgasms and the time he needs to have intercourse, the lack of sperm will also make it much more likely that his sperm count will be significantly reduced.

While testosterone therapy near me can be effective in allowing my body to grow the hormones it needs, the effects can sometimes be a bit extreme. For one thing, it can take several months or even years for this type of hormone to actually be effective.

Many physicians may recommend this form of treatment either as a means of helping a patient cope with a lack of hormones in their body or as a way of helping prevent a person from experiencing testosterone deficiency in the first place. Many individuals don’t experience any outward symptoms of testosterone deficiency until they are older and much older.

When testosterone replacement therapy is being used to treat a man’s erectile dysfunction or decrease in sexual desire, the side effects can be quite severe. A common side effect for many who have undergone this form of treatment is acne. Acne can become quite serious because it is often caused by the body reacting to the sudden reduction of hormone levels.

If you have had testosterone replacement therapy near me and have experienced acne at some point along the line, then your therapist may have advised that you visit a dermatologist to get rid of your acne. The reason why your therapist will probably want you to get rid of your acne by going to a specialist instead of treating it on your own can be explained to your doctor.

Another side effect to testosterone therapy is fatigue. If you are experiencing low testosterone levels due to a decreased production of the hormones that allow you to have sex, you may also begin to experience fatigue. This fatigue can make you feel very irritable, anxious, and less interested in making love in the bedroom. If you have been treated for low testosterone levels and your therapist has suggested that you go to a sleep physician to get rid of this symptom, then your doctor may have recommended you to see a sleep specialist instead.

Not every male who is interested in testosterone replacement therapy will have serious side effects. Most men just experience slight changes in their energy level, increased libido, and mild erectile dysfunction. Most men will not experience complete inability to have erections, and their condition may simply require some time to get better. Your physician can advise you of the best course of action if your condition doesn’t improve over time.