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The Cashew nut is the fruit of the cashew tree, a tree native to northeastern Brazil. It is an achene, that is to say a dry, indehiscent fruit, with a single seed, the pericarp of which is not united to the seed. It is one of the nuts and oleaginous fruits the least rich in lipids.

The cashew nut grows at the end of a juicy, also edible false fruit, called cashew apple or cashew fruit. Its flavor reminiscent of red wine is appreciated by the natives of Brazil.

Once harvested, the nuts are carefully separated from the apple, then dried for 4 days lying on the ground in the shade, as exposure to the sun develops a toxic oil in the seed.

The shell of the cashew nut consists of two shells, one on the outside is green and thin in color, the other on the inside is brown and hard. The part in between is a corrosive resin made up of 90% anacardic acid and 10% cardol called cashew balsam.

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